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Edea Overture

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€ 187,95

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The Overture boot is a combination of lightweight design and Edea technology. It is our best selling boot. It offers great support and flexibility for skaters who are looking to develop and are performing basic skills single jumps and axels. Inspired by our passion for skating, the Overture benefits from the technology and know-how from our top of the range boots.


Overture boot:

  • The Overture is padded with our top of the range microfiber fabric offering comfort and support. There is additional padding at the ankle for comfort and to hold the heel in place more firmly giving a better foot position. Extra padding on the back cuff helps protect the Achilles tendon while increasing the range of movement. This allows the skater to point their toes adding elegance to the performance.
  • All Edea skates are designed around the foot with curves and strength to hold the heel in place, to support the foot and give the best fit and maximum comfort. The Overture is more shaped and stiffer ensuring the heel sits more firmly in its pocket giving increased comfort and better control.
  • The tongue is key in any boot. In the Overture the tongue is stronger than the Brio, or Motivo models giving the increased support required by skaters at this level. Its anatomical shape helps the leg bend in jumps while additional padding increases the comfort.
  • The Overture is made from the same leather as our top of the range boots. A special water repellent treatment makes Edea skates easier to maintain.
  • The unique heel design adds further stability to the boot. The curve on the heel increases weight distribution, allowing the heel to be in contact with over half the insole giving the skater a sense of oneness with the ice.The new Champagne heel color add a touch of elegance to your routines